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About us

Bridge Suzuki Music is a group of dedicated Suzuki trained violin teachers with an emphasis on fun, friendliness, and inclusiveness. All teachers are highly trained and chosen for their rapport with children.

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Learning with Suzuki

The Suzuki method is unique. Children start young. Emphasis is on learning by ear as with learning to talk, involving parents extensively, believing every child can, focusing on a beautiful sound early, all with love and encouragement.

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Group Learning

Group lessons are considered by many to be the best aspect of the Suzuki program. They provide so many benefits, including having a peer group to learn with, motivation and inspiration, performance experience, and above all, fun!

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The Suzuki method in a nutshell

The Suzuki Method of learning music is a dynamic and differentiated method of learning for children, that works alongside a child’s natural development.

Founded by Dr Shinichi Suzuki in the mid 1900’s, the Suzuki philosophy draws upon the fact that all children, regardless of their perceived aptitude, learn to speak a complex language, their “mother tongue”, equally from their parents. Suzuki children learn by ear, thus enabling them to concentrate on developing their technique and tone without being distracted by learning how to read the music – which comes later.

Parental involvement is integral to the Suzuki approach, regardless of how musical they are, and parents (or guardians) attend every lesson. This is not only because children imitate their parents at an early age, but also because of the encouragement and love that is needed to help your child flourish.

Each week involves one private lesson and one group lesson. The benefits of the group lesson are enormous, and are considered by many to be the best part of the Suzuki approach.

Suzuki teachers are highly trained, with up to five years of Suzuki training, where the teacher learns the Suzuki technique and how to get the best out of children in a fun and encouraging environment. 

Finally, involvement in Suzuki music opens the door to a whole community of Suzuki parents, teachers, and students, and members develop bonds and experiences that they take throughout their whole life.

We focus on helping you help your child. We think this is crucial. For example we will make a short video of what you need to practise each week at the end of our lesson for you, so you are not left in the dark when helping your child practise at home. 

We introduce children to the power of ensemble playing early. Our group lessons will always involve an ensemble piece to work on for each end of term concert. This shows children early how much fun it is to play in an orchestra with different parts, rather than only playing the same piece in unison (which also has its benefits). 

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Rocks Lane Multi-Sports Centres - our vision of music and sport together

Our Chiswick and Hammersmith Suzuki groups will be held at Rocks Lane Multi-Sport Centres.

Rocks Lane is the pre-eminent sporting destination for children in West London, with facilities for tennis, football, and netball, including regular coaching, tournaments and competitions, and school holiday programmes. 

We share a collective vision of combining sport with the arts. Both centres have brand new indoor facilities for groups, in addition to cafés and playgrounds to support the whole family as well as children's parties. The Chiswick centre has a brand new soft play as well – perfect for siblings or if you would like your child to burn off any residual energy post their group lesson.

Sports lessons for all ages from 2 upwards will be happening around the Suzuki schedule; we would be happy to help you plan the ultimate music/sport timetable or fun day for all ages.

Whilst it is by no means required for your child to take up sport as well, regardless of their interest we believe this provides a wonderful way for children to gain exposure to a healthy mix of extra curricular activities, even just by being at the sporting venue during their group lesson, and soaking up the vibe. 

For more information on what Rocks Lane has to offer, visit the Rocks Lane website.

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The scientifically proven benefits of learning music

A wealth of scientific research over the last decade is proving that music education is a powerful tool for attaining children’s full intellectual, social, and creative potential.

  • It speeds the development of speech and reading skills
  • It trains children to focus their attention for sustained periods
  • It helps children gain a sense of empathy for others

Music study requires a high degree of precision in auditory processing: being almost in tune is not good enough. This means that musically trained children are better able to distinguish subtle details of speech, leading to improved reading, better comprehension, and also a greater ability to interpret what other people – children and adults – are really saying.

Musically-trained children develop to their full potential because participation in music is inherently rewarding, making children more likely to devote the time and practice necessary to develop strong cognitive and social abilities. Most importantly, music gives children a means to express themselves, to unleash their creativity, and to be inspired by their own boundless capacity for personal growth.

For full details on the benefits of learning music, read this comprehensive paper by the Royal Conservatory of Music, Toronto.

An article from The Guardian.